Welcome To The Commerce Exchange

The Commerce Exchange will help your company to increase your customer base and sales revenue, while reducing your cash outlay and overall expense, resulting in higher profits and better cash flow. Our barter management firm represents tens of thousands of businesses around the globe. We facilitate millions of dollars in business for our members, who utilize the new business we send to them to pay for many of their expenses.

As a member your business will:

  • Attract new customers you didn't have before.
  • Reduce cash outlay and improve your cash flow position.
  • Experience greater sales volume, earned without the high costs of marketing and sales commissions.
  • Increase your buying power by making purchases at your variable cost of doing business.
  • Be positioned to compete in new markets throughout the world.
  • Access an interest free line of credit, where it's our business to send you the business to pay it back.
Tens of thousands of business owners and professionals already take advantage of our global trade alliance.

You could earn trade dollars from these new customers TODAY and begin putting your new purchasing power to work running your business, expanding your operations, and enhancing your personal standard of living WITHOUT SPENDING CASH.

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